Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome to Neverland

Today's post is inspired by Stella's new favorite movie, Peter Pan. We have been introducing her to new Disney movies over the last few months and so far her favorites are Monsters Inc, Tangled, Brave, and The Little Mermaid. Its so cute to watch her little reactions to the different scenes.  For instance, when the bears growl on Brave she starts yelling for them to stop or "No, no, no Aghhhh!!" or when "Under the Sea" comes on she starts a full on dance. One day we put on Peter Pan, and she was beyond mesmerized and completely hooked. I think at this point we are watching it at least once a day, every day (YES, I'm that mom who lets her kid watch tv)!

So since I am on Peter Pan overload at the moment, I started thinking how cool would it be to create a modern room inspired by Neverland. I think a child's room should incorporate the things they love, but be designed in a way that is still beautiful and encourages play and imagination. What kid wouldn't love to live in Nevetland?! (I mean, sign me up!)

Neverland, as depicted in Disney's Peter Pan (1953) 

When looking for elements and decor for the room, I wanted to go with bold bright colors that would pop against a stark white room, which would make it modern and cool. I thought of the characters who live in Neverland like the Pirates, Lost Boys, and the Crocodile, and found fun decorative accents to incorporate them into the room. For instance the critter sleeping bags represent The Lost Boys costumes, and the toy pirate ship, which I would display on a dresser,  represents Captain Hook and his crew. Other fun characters include The Crocodile and The Indians, which play into the room with this play teepee, and crocodile bed sheeting.

Another fun way to create the Neverland theme without going overboard is to look for natural elements such as trees, rainbows, and stars in the same bold primary color theme to incorporate into the room. In the mood board you will see this gorgeous rainbow throw that would look fantastic on seating or the end of your child's bed. The rainbow represents the beautiful mermaid lagoon in Neverland. Peter Pan and The Lost Boys live in "Hangman's Tree", so I found this super cool "tree stub" side table from West Elm to include in the room.

As for art pieces to hang, this X Grow Up Print from Mini & Maximus is the hottest piece on the market, that represents what Neverland is all about! I also found some fun pieces on Etsy that you can frame in the room like the Modern Neverland Map.

Lastly I wanted to mention that I chose Bunk Beds in the room since that is the bed of choice for Pan and his buddies in the film. How great would this room be for kids that have to share a room? By using primary colors its also completely gender neutral, so it would work for a boy/ girl combo room.

So who wants to go to Neverland?! Here we gooooooooo!!

1) Don't Grow Up Print Mini & Maximus
2) Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase Target
3) Kendall Bunk Bed (rustic chestnut) Pottery Barn Kids
4) Melissav& Doug Pirate Ship Target
5) Teepee Pottery Barn Kids
6) How Do You Zoo Sleeping Bags The Land of Nod
7)Log Magnet Board The Land of Nod
8) Smith & Hawken Lantern String Lights Target
9) Throw Pillow Land of Nod
10) Rainbow Throw Blanket The Land of Nod
11) Neverland Map Poster Seal Design Studio
13) Fields of Green Rug The Land of Nod
14) Marley Rocker The Land of Nod
15) Cloud Floor Bin The Land of Nod
16) The Lost Boys Watercolor Lavender Crowns
17) Pirate Flag Pillow Cover (Etsy) JenniLyons81
18) Jeremy Sheet Set Pottery Barn Kids
19) Tree Stump Side Table West Elm
20) Star Quilted Bedding Pottery Barn Kids

Happy Friday and HAPPY THOUGHTS! 

Yours Truly,

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