Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tiny Whales. Huge Crush.

I have a huge new brand crush alert. Being a SoCal local, I want you to know that the stereotype is completely true. Most people walking around here (myself included) are wearing a tee shirt, jeans, and flip flops in all public places. The mall, the movie theater , the museum, out to dinner, a wedding (haha ok not all weddings) but you get the picture! The only time I realized just how casual we were is when I had taken a trip to NY for work a few years back. As I walked the streets I couldn't help but notice all the men and women dressed in head to toe tailored  suiting, dress shoes, and heels. I of course walked the walk since I was there for work, but I couldn't wait to get home and put on my beloved pair of rainbow flip flops, and cotton grey V-neck tee.

There is seriously nothing better than a soft, relaxed fitting tee, and I think it's totally cool that there are companies out there like Tiny Whales who can give her kiddos the same style pleasure. Tiny Whales is a company created by a couple Shaun and Brittany (So Cal Locals),  who were inspired to create some fun apparel for their nephew. After taking their work to a few local craft shows, they realized that their designs and vision was truly going somewhere. Now married with their own children, Tiny Whales is now one of the most sought after casual apparel lines for your littles.

This season SS14 season Tiny Whales collection was inspired by grunge and 90s fashion. This tye dye "Buzz Kill" tee might just be the coolest tee on the market right now. You know if Kurt Kobain's babies were still babies, and he were still with us, they would be rocking this Buzz Kill tee on the regular. One of their most popular styles this season is inspired by the Kings of Grunge, Nirvana, with this gnarley Meowvana screen that comes on a tank and classic tee shirt style.

For your bohemian grungey girl , the high low tanks and tees from Tiny Whales are seriously the cutest ever. I would totally rock the "Wake up and Smell the Roses" tee in a heartbeat. Pair these with a cool pair of distressed relaxed denim shorts, and a boho headband, and you have an outfit that will take you through many hot summer days.

(Photo Source: Tiny Whales)
Tiny Whales also designs some of the coolest trucker hats for your kiddos. Check outthink shop for all the awesome products they have to offer. 

These tees screw cool! Perfect for your little bro babe. 

Just recently Tiny Whales has started a Tee Shirt of the Month Club. As a member you will receive a tee designed by a top notch guest artist. (The first month the clog was launched Jeremy Fish created that months tee. It was pretty cool to say they least and available to purchase.) By purchasing the a membership you are a member for 3 months and will receive the tee each month, which ends up coming out to a $12 savings, which is pretty darn awesome. 

Be sure to check out Tiny Whales on Instagram for updates on their shop, and new designs for their tee shirts of the month club. 

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