Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birdie Thirty: Summertime

Easter has come and gone, So Cal weather is hitting the 90s, so this can only mean one thing...  Summertime is here!! A few months ago I posted a Birdie Thirty, rounding up my favorite Spring bows from my absolute favorite bow shop, Birdie Baby Boutique. If you have ever checked out their shop, than you know she has literally over a THOUSAND bow options, which can make it difficult to narrow down since every bow is as amazing as the next. 

In case you didn't check out the last Birdie Thirty, I thought I would do a quick bio on Katy Bjork, the owner and designer of Birdie Baby Boutique. She is based out of Florida with her husband, and her two children. She started the company after her gorgeous daughter Delainey was born, and was inspired to design some pieces for her. After receiving numerous compliments, she started her own company, and the rest is history. Birdie Baby Boutique is everywhere, and does amazing collaborations with some of the most popular childrens wear lines around such as,  Well Dressed Wolf, Matilda Jane, Swanky Shank, and Dandy Lion Company to name a few. Every bow is handmade by Katy and her assistant, which you can find in their Etsy shop: Birdie Baby Boutique

When narrowing down my favorite bows, I broke them down into summertime categories like Lemonade, Seashells, Fourth of July, Hot Pinks, Sunshine, Muted Brights, Bold Yellows, and Corals. These categories are classic summertime trends that will fit into your child's lifestyle. A beautiful pink and yellow combo bow for selling lemonades, seashells embellishments for a day by the beach, neon pinks for "every day"summertime living, and muted brights for trips to the ice cream parlor. Birdie Baby has you set for all your summertime memories to be had. 

Summertime Birdie Thirty 

Lemonade Stand 

5. Beaches

Now all we have to do is bring back SUMMER!!! 

Yours Truly,

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mommy & Mini Monday: Twinning to a "tee"

With Mothers Day two weeks away I thought it was time for another Mommy & Mini Monday. I just love the twinning with your little trend, which I plan to force upon Stella until she has an opinion of her own (even then I'm not against a little bribery). One of the easiest and cutest ways to twin with your little is with matching tees.

 How cute would your Mothers Day pictures look with these on? Can you say frame-worthy?

I absolutely adore this shop! This Portland, OR based company has the coolest, and trendiest screen tees for both Mommy and mini. This "Stay Wild" tank is definitely a tee after my heart. My little bug Stella is definitely a wild little babe. She is independent, happy, but most of all wild, and I hope she keeps that side of her personality forever. Stay Wild Stella! 

For you free spirited Mamas and toddlers, the Forever Wild shop carries these awesome forever wild baseball tees. Printed on American Apparel baseball tees, these shirts promote fun and play! 

For the newest mamas these love arrow sets are handmade from 100% organic cotton, and fit babies 3 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months. Chances are your little baby has struck an arrow in your heart since their arrival, so this tee is nothing short of perfect. 

Best Friend Tees

Not only are we our child's parent, but we are their best friend in the world, and want them to find happiness and success more than anyone. These best friend Mommy and Mini Tees are pretty much the sweetest tee shirts ever (and comfy too)! Also they are completely unisex, another bonus! 

You Complete Me Tees

These last two Mommy and Me sets are from this adorable Etsy shop. Although not identical matching tees, these tees wouldn't be complete without the other, kind of like you and your baby. Tees are made to order, and can accommodate Moms sizes Small to 3XL, and Minis size newborn- kids 7. 

Happy Twinning!! 

Yours Truly,

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Dancing Squirrels

If you are new to the blog, welcome!! Since we started we have been dedicating our Saturdays to small businesses. The shops I feature are mostly run by moms, who have become inspired to design things for children after becoming a mom. It's truly an amazing thing, how a child can bring out the most creative and wonderful side of their mom, that they never knew existed until they came along. 

Today's shop Dancing Squirrels, has a very similar story. The owner and designer is Jessica Beckner, an artist and mom of three based out of New Jersey. She specializes in creating the most adorable kids purses and messenger bags, however, there are many other fun things in her shop. Each of her bags are handmade by Jessica out of her home, and made with durable natural tone canvas making it sturdy for your kids to carry around their most treasured items like books and their favorite toys. 

Jessica came up with the name Dancing Squirrels for her shop, when the family befriended a squirrel who would visit their home for every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This beloved squirrel began doing a little dance for them one day during one of his visits, hence Dancing Squirrels was born. Since this squirrel made her family so happy, and her creations aim to bring happiness to children, it makes a perfect name for her shop. 

Dancing Squirrels also carries fun pencil cases, bucket hats, and wall clocks. Check our their entire shop of goodies here: 


You all have heard of the man purse, aka. The "Murse". Well Dancing squirrel has a number of boy friendly purses in their shop, so lets call these the "burses"! A breakdancing squirrel, a shade wearing snake, and a tune listening elephant are all playful burses, your boys can carry his favorite superhero figures in. 

These bags are perfect for your kiddo on the go. there is a button closure in each bag, so that your child can keep their goodies stowed away. 

Each purse comes with a Dancing Squirrels Eco-friendly greeting card. I absolutely love when companies add a sweet little gesture to show gratitude to their customers. In the recent months I have seen some of the cutest packaging add ons, from these small businesses, such as kids tattoos, organic lollipops, and stickers. These little gestures don't go unnoticed, and I think another reason to shop small business. 

Support Small!!! 

Yours Truly,

Friday, April 25, 2014

Peeps and Piggies

This Easter was so much fun with Stella. From meeting the Easter Bunny, dying eggs, and putting her basket out, we made some amazing memories. Stella loved it all, but I think it's safe to say that Stella's favorite part about Easter was the candy. This week she has been chewing down bananas, macaroni and cheese, strawberries, and PEEPS!! (The four main food groups in our household at the moment.)  I seriously have to hide them because if she sees them on the counter she will go nuts. Who else is on the Peep plan this week??

I swear I'm throwing away any leftovers by Sunday.

Tee Mini Boden | Shorts Gap Kids | Moccs The Coral Pear 

Ok we are officially peeped out now. 

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sweetest Gift : Sophie & Lili

For my birthday I received one of the sweetest, most incredible gifts from two of my very best friends. They emailed me a few months before my birthday to let me know that they were going to have artist Jennifer Vallez of Sophie and Lili create a custom water color portrait of Stella & I, so they needed me to send them some pictures for the painting. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. Literally tears of joy came to my eyes, because I knew just how special one of these custom portraits were.

A custom watercolor portrait from Sophie & Lili takes 8 to 10 weeks, and there is currently a wait list to get a sketch as they are in high demand with Mothers Day coming up. It is truly amazing to see the intricate little details her custom paintings capture. They are unique in style, yet they capture the children and families style in the most adorable way. These water color paintings have been done for style celebrities like Rachel Zoe, and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Oh Joy! Her shop also consists of custom note cards, and personalized dolls. Sophie & Lili most recently launched a line of Mothers Day cards for Target featuring her sketches. This girl is blowing up, and with these amazing custom paintings like the one I received, I can definitely see why.

 For more examples of Sophie & Lili paintings check out her shop: Sophie & Lili

When choosing the photos for the drawing I wanted to find pictures that embodied our style. I chose this picture of me, because I am known for my wild long hair, and showing a little leg in mini dresses or shorts. I also love that this Chanel necklace was included. I managed two Chanel boutiques in my career so I have picked up some beautiful CC pieces along the way. This costume jewelry piece is a necklace I have worn for years, and work into my wardrobe at least once a week. 

For Stella I chose this sweet Peek Kids dress, because this has been one of my favorite brands to dress her in, and the colors are so beautiful and unique. She of course is wearing a Birdie Baby Boutique bow, that is iconic to her style as a baby and now toddler. If you have seen my Instagram you may have seen her Birdie Baby collection. (It's insanely amazing). 

Side by side of me

Side by side of Stella 

I am seriously so grateful to my friends for giving me this special gift. The second I saw this sketch of Stella I cried the happiest tears. Every stage has been so special, but I have to admit, as exhausting as a toddler is, they are so freaking adorable at this age. From her little side sweep bangs, to her always present Birdie Baby Bow, Sophie and Lili captured "Toddler Stella" to a tee. This has been an incredible part in my life, and this drawing has captured  a time I will always hold dear to my heart. 

Thank you again to my dear friends Crystal & Danielle for being so incredibly thoughtful. 
Thank you to the amazingly talented Sophie & Lili. 
Thank you Stella for making me a Mom, and bringing joy to my life. 

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Deals of the Day: Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!! I can always count on a holiday or a recognized celebration for some good shopping deals. With so many of our favorite kids lines being earth friendly, today three of my favorite kids lines are offering some deals in honor of our planet! Below are three of my favorite kids lines that you can snag a deal on today, that are pro- style , and pro-earth. 

All tees are being offered for 20% off. 
Enter Code: Earth 20
All Geofox apparel is on trend, cool, and suited for your little's active life. 

Online Boutique Le Petite Organic is offering 30% off their Mini and Maximus selection. 
Use Code: MINI30
This online boutique prides itself on its selection of organic earth friendly clothing lines. Great for your baby and for the Earth! 

Receive 10% off your entire purchase and receive Free Limited Edition Headband with Code: EARTH10

All of Thief and Bandit fabric is organic, and all of the ink used in their prints 
are non toxic and water based. 

Now you can shop guilt free knowing you are helping save our planet and some money. 

Happy Savings Earthlings! 

Yours Truly,

Monday, April 21, 2014

Camo Cool

Trend Alert! Trend Alert! (Read in robotic voice). Today's round up features my favorite camouflage printed goodies for your kiddies (and one for mama too!). Perhaps this trend has sparked due to patriotism for our soldiers, or maybe it's our country's obsession with all things Duck Dynasty, but one things for sure, camo is everywhere and cooler than ever.

Camo print is a great neutral to pair with pretty much anything, and is a unisex print to be loved by the raddest boys and the coolest of the cool of girls. One of my favorite ways to style camo is with a cool cargo jacket, to wear over your favorite tee, or over a denim dress. Peek Kids has this awesome camo print jacket featured in the round up, that the tiniest of babies and preteens alike can add to their wardrobe. For you Mamas that want to get in on the camo action, this Mama Bear tank from Loved by Hannah and Eli  will look great paired with a pair of cutoff shorts and gladiators this summer. This tank is currently out of stock but should be back soon, so make sure to follow Loved by Hannah and Eli on Instagram for stock updates.

Speaking of out of stock, a few months ago Freshly Picked launched their beloved Camo Moccs that have been selling out at lightning speed each time they have announced their restock. (If you want in on a secret, it looks like they are in stock as Im writing this, so hurry, hurry!)  If you have been lucky enough to snag a pair, or hope to soon, finish the look with some camo print accessories like some camo print aviators, bows, or a slouchy beanie, featured in the round up from some of my favorite shops. For you beach goers, Osh Kosh even got in on the trend with their camo print inspired Birkenstock sandals. I just love the versatility of these.

If you're a little crazy for camo too then this round up is just for you!

| 1. Mama BearTank Loved by Hannah and Eli | 
| 2. Camo Headband & Bow  Little Kate Designs | 
| 3.  Jacket Peek Kids | 4. Aviators Gap Kids | 5. Moccs  Freshly Picked | 
|  6. Tee Hello Apparel | 7. Sandlas Osh Kosh | 8. Beanie KaPow Kids | 

Yours truly,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wild Child

Today was my 30th Birthday and I spent it the best way ever! No Dirty Thirty Party, no big trip, just a little visit to the zoo with my husband and baby. Trevor, my husband, works so much, and he surprised me by taking the day off. I have been wanting to take Stella to the zoo to see the animals, so this was a very anticipated trip. Although we live about 20 min away from the LA Zoo, I can't say I have ever been. When we loved in Portland, Oregon going to the zoo was one of our favorite dates, so Im not quite sure why we never hit up the LA Zoo. If you haven't been I definitely recommend it. It's shady, with lots of different animals, lots of space to walk, and roam free. 

I'm A Wild One Tee Slyfox Threads | Leopard Headwrap Free Babes | 
Shorts Mini Boden  | Sandlas & Sunnies Gap Kids

My favorite shot of the day was when she froze in complete shock at the big turtle walking. We have a turtle statue in our backyard that she loves to sit on, so seeing a real one really threw her for a loop. 

This was Stellas face all day. She loves being outside and being able to run free. She is also completely in love with her Daddy, so being with him always brightens her day. (Mine too) 

The Flamingos were definitely Stella's favorite. I think she would have stood in front of them all day and yell at them of she could. 

The LA Zoo has the coolest carousel, where kids can choose an animal to ride on. Stella is spoiled since her Daddy bought her two rides. She choose a giraffe, and then an ostrich. It looked like so much fun I hopped on a monkey right next to her. 

My people 

I always want to remember these moments. Her facial expression when she first saw the crowd of pink flamingos. The cute little come here gesture she made at the huge elephants. Those sweet little moments are what make the tantrums, the spills, and the lack of sleep so insanely worth it. Being a mom, and a wife have given my life so much meaning. A day like today was the best birthday gift I could have ever received. Having an entire day to spend  with my family, and make memories is like birthday cake to my soul. Working now full time, can make it difficult to make memories like this. 

Today I am grateful. 

Yours Truly,

Thursday, April 17, 2014

30 Signs, I know I'm 30

I am officially not a 20 something person. Today I turned 30, and to be honest I do feel different. For many years I used my twenty something age as an excuse to be a little irresponsible, and I dont regret it. I had alot of fun in my "hay day", and have experienced so much in those 30 years.You have all seen those Buzz feed lists on the Internet, so I thought it would be fun to make my own up.

I know this doesn't have much go do with kids fashion, but it does have to do with a lot of mamas out there who are in a very similar boat as me.  Here's to being 30, and feeling it!

Blouse: Ted Baker | Jeans: Current & Elliot | Flats Steve Madden | 

Here are 30 signs I know that I am 30....

1) I have decided that high heel shoes are completely impractical.
2) I call the police on my neighbors if they are being loud after 10 pm.
3) I love day posts on Instagram featuring cute kids, and beach days, and loathe the drunken ill taken photos that fill my feed in the evenings.
4) My summers are no longer booked with weddings and bridal showers.
5) Push Up Padded Bras are so impractical.
6) I look for deals, and clip coupons. The "charge" it approach seems to has lost it's sparkle.

7) When I watch any type of MTV award show, I don't know who half the people are, who are presenting and being awarded.
8) On a similar note I watch all the Best Picture Films nominated for an Oscar
9) I have a new appreciation for my pale white skin. No more tanning beds for this mama.
10) Kost 103.5 is now my daily commute radio station.
11) Bras are no longer an option, they are necessary. (Yes I used to go braless, a lot! )

12) Going to get my hair done or a mani/pedi is a luxury
13) I care more about being healthy than being skinny

14) Leaving the house means, find something to keep the baby entertained while I shower, Get
dressed, Get baby dressed, pack bag for baby, oh no she got her snack all over me. Get dressed again. Basically leaving the house is too much work. Stay home.

15)  I forget people's names I went to high school with.
16) Taking any kind of alcohol shot is absolutely not an option. I will not be crazy and fun, I will be crazy sick. For a few days.

17) When driving, I make sure to never go faster than the speed limit.
18) Jeans without stretch are impractical. Whoever decided to design jeans with spandex is a freaking genius.
19) I get excited about designing my Christmas cards.
20) I actually get scared when I go on a roller coaster now. Who am I kidding... It's  been awhile since I have been on a roller coaster.
21) Gifts are nice but don't need to come with a price tag. The best gifts in life we can give one another is your time, because when you are 30, you don't have much of it.
22) People call me ma'am.
23) I do a lot of shopping at target.
24) When I go to Vegas I prefer Lounges to Clubs. I actually like to be able to have a conversation with who I am hanging out with.
25) I am lost when it comes to some technology. Thank goodness for my niece!

26) I love Disney but I have started to question, why are all the parents dead? Why is Ariel only 16 and leaving her home for a man?
27) Sleep? What's that?
28) Any type of heavy or dangly jewelry is completely impractical.
29) My perfect Friday night consists of anything that allows me to chill in my pajamas and be in bed by 10.
30) My social calendar is booked with play dates, baby showers , and kids birthday partie, which I look forward to.

Here's to another 30 !

Yours truly,