Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Superhero Syle

It's a bird! It's a plane! No,  it's.... SUPER KID!!! Today I've got a round up for all those cape wearing, sofa flying, laser loving miniature sized superheroes in your life. For the fan girls and boys there are so many fun ways to incorporate their love for superheroes into their every day style. I'm sorry but a toddler boy in a cape attached tee gets me every time! There is nothing more fun when you are little than to play dress up, so when it's not appropriate to wear the muscle clad wolverine costume, I bring you some casual and cool ways for your littles to feel like a superhero when they are hitting the playground or going out to dinner at a restaurant. I mean you never know when a job might call, so they've gotta be ready.

With superheroes being so popular, your kid is sure to have the same Batman tee from target that 20 other of his friends have. Don't get me wrong I love Target. But sometimes kids want to feel special, and have something unique! Some of my favorite brands like Kira and Stella McCartney Kids have fantastic versions of superhero tees that are sure to make a statement. The buster tee from Stella featured in the round up is for babies, however there is a short sleeve version for your tots and big boys.  With fun comic book slogans like "ZAP", "POW", and "EEP", you little superhero is sure to feel unstoppable rocking this tee. KaPow Kids has a similar print with their bandana bib style that I just can't get enough of. I think all bibs should be cut like this from here on out! Who says drool can't be cool? Okay and seriously you are going to die for number 6! I have seen these fantastic pair of pleather pants rocked by the coolest kids on IG, and cannot get enough of them. With the shiny black color, your boys will be looking slick and futuristic. Pair them back with a superhero screen tee, and your little has a new crime solving uniform. For the super girls of the world I found this Aaaaahdorable "Joy Doll" from Sophie & Lili. With Pink pigtails and skinny jeans, this crime fighting superdoll is bound to be attached to your little ones hip.

The round up and all the links to their shops are below:

1. Bandana Bib KaPow Kids
2. Superhero Mask Tee Kira
3. Captain America Bow Frosted Donut Designs
4. Junk Food Superhero Cape Tee Gap Kids
5. Justice League Briefs Target
6.  Slick and Slide Pleather Pants Geo Fox Apparel
7. Marvel Comics Slip Ons Stride Rite
8 Joy Doll Sophie & Lili
9. Buster Tee Stella McCartney Kids

"Oh my stars and garters" that's it for today! Stay "super" styling. 

Yours Truly,

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