Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Imagination Kids

Oh Saturday! A day for family. A day for fun. A day for relaxing. A day for traveling. .....A day for SHOPPING!. Small business shopping to be exact, here on The Park is my Runway. 

Today's featured shop is the uber talented toy maker Imagination Kids. The owner, designer, and creator of Imagination Kids is Erin Freuchtel-Dearing, who is also a mom to two young kiddos.  Based out of Carthage, IN, Imagination Kids toys are all carefully handcrafted by Erin and her husband Nick. Their toys are completely Eco-friendly being made from "natural wood, AP certified non-toxic paint, and their very own homemade natural wood polish made from beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils" making them not only adorable but safe too! 

This shop is full of toys that will make your kids imaginations go wild, which might explain the name. Wooden play food like sushi and vegetable sets for your aspiring chefs, wooden fairy wands for your princesses, animals from all walks of life on push toys (that are sure to become a favorite for your infants and toddlers), and of course their infamous wooden stackers. Not only are these toys gorgeous and well made, but the prices are fantastic and well within reason. For example, their gorgeous, super popular rainbow stacker is only $25! That's a total steal if you ask me! 

These special toys make a great gift for a baby shower, childs birthday, or a holiday. You can even go crazy and buy a special Toy of the Month club membership for a 3 or 6 month timeframe. The recipient will be delivered a package from Imagination Kids each month with a speial toy that is not currently in the shop. That's some mail I would love to receive! 

(All photos sourced from Imagination Kids) 

Here are some of my favorites available from Imagination Kids. 
You can shop the entire wooden toy shop here: 

Made from substantially harvested wood, these wands are the perfect toy for dress up time. You can even purchase a set as a party favor at your child's next birthday bash. 

One of my favorite toys designed and created by Imagination Kids are their stackers. Each stacker is so creative, and made with the upmost quality. A morning sunrise, a cloud, a rainbow, a sun, a wave, and an iceberg are just a few of the impeccable stackers included in their shop. Theses are toys you wouldn't hide in a toy chest, and would even display on a shelf in your child's room. 

With Eater right around the corner  these wooden eggs would make a great basket filler, and can be used for a fun Easter Egg Hunt. These sure beat the plastic ones, and you will use these for years to come. 

Farm Animals Set 

Circus Toys (sold separately) 
Other fun animals included in the shop include: Deer, Bugs, chickens, and horses 

Push Toys  

I seriously am truly amazed by these shop spotlight designers, and their passion go after their dreams. Like so many of our features, Erin started this business on a "whim" one day when she had an itch to purchase a scroll saw. Stories like this are so inspiring, because it teaches us to listen to our instinct, and tap into our passions. You never know what could come from one uneventful afternoon. Your own business? A charity? A blog? Go after what you love and don't be afraid to make mistakes. 

Shop & support small! 

Yours Truly,

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