Friday, February 28, 2014

One Shirt Four Ways: Whistle & Flute

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring! That's right people, it's the top story of the day, rain has fallen from the sky in Cali. I find it funny what a big deal Southern Californians make about rain, especially since I lived in Portland, Oregon for two years, where it rained almost every single day. People there don't even use umbrellas, they just walk right through it.  However being a Cali local I got sick of it, so I will enjoy the rain for today, and hopefully send it on its happy way tomorrow.   This morning I am going into work later, so Stella and I slept in until 9 am, just cuddling in the bed, listening to the rain pour down. Being the water loving lady she is, Stella was amazed as I showed her the water poring down from the sky.

In honor of todays down pour, We have an adorable Four Way Friday for your rain loving littles. Whistle & Flute has the most adorable "Kawaii Rain Cloud" screen that they make on onesies, sweatshirts, tees, and today's Four Way item: Baseball Tee. This item fits sizes 6 to 12 months to an 8T, so almost all your kiddos can enjoy this item. With it being a classic black and white, it is easy to accessorize, and completely gender neutral. Whistle and Flute is a shop based out of Canada, who also make some fun pieces for adults too!

Check out the entire Whistle & Flute Shop Here: Whistle & Flute

For today's Four Way I have included two looks for boys,and two for girls, each with a fun coordinating umbrella to keep them dry, while they go play in the puddles.

Bring on The Rainbows
Jacket: Osh Kosh B' Gosh
Umbrella: Walmart
Leather Bow: Little Kate Designs
Leggings: Mini Boden
Shoes: Converse All Star High Tops

Black and White Sleek
Headband: Baby Jules Boutique 
Faux Leather Leggings: Little Bear Bottoms
Umbrella: Walmart
Rain Boots: Target

Rad in Plaid
Spider Man Umbrella: The Disney Store
Trucker Hat: Tiny Bandits
Plaid Sneakers: Vans
Plaid a harem pants: Keerasama (Etsy)

Cool & Dry
Camo Umbrella: J Crew
Denim Hoodie: Target
Cloud Leggings: Candy Kirby Designs
Leather Black Shoes: Converse All Star

Happy Rainy Day Readers!

Yours Truly,

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dear Stella (Happy Half Birthday)

A letter for Stella....

Dear Stella, 

Happy "Half Birthday" Bug! I seriously cannot believe you are already 18 months old!! I feel like I just held you in the hospital for the first time yesterday, even though I have completely forgetten what life was like before you were in it. I love seeing the new things you learn, and am more and more proud of you each day, even though I hate it all at the same time. Every second you get bigger, is another second closer to you growing old. 

Even though you are still considered a "baby", you are already an independent little lady. I could tell you were going to be a free spirit from the start. When you were in my tummy you definitely made it known that you were here and wanted OUT!!! From the progesterone treatments, the bed rest, the nausea, the heart burn, and the dreaded PUPPS rash, you were going to give me a run for my money. Then there was the 30 hour labor, followed by the emergency c-section, followed by the week long stay in the NICCU. You were one big 8 lbs 13 oz baby in that little incubator next to your neighboring 2 lb friends. You were a fighter from the beginning! I will never forget how blessed we were to be  taking you home to your pretty pink nursery, while other Moms and Dads had to resort to daily visits in the hospital for months on end. 

Just home from the hospital you were already lifting your head. By 5 months you were sitting up on your own. Six months old , you were crawling all over the house. By an astonishing 10 months you were off and walking all by yourself. Now 18 months old you are already a " big girl". You won't let anybody feed you (you prefer to do that yourself). You can control the iPad and all your favorite apps  (heaven forbid Mommy is on Pinterest for 5 min, because the iPad is for visiting Small World or "Yo Ho"). You even prefer to lead the way or push your own stroller. Sitting in strollers is your pet peeve, and you have a meltdown every time I strap you in. Letting me or anyone else carry you is forbidden, as you are a "big girl" and can walk all by yourself. Even though I struggle with "letting you be", as I am scared you are going to get hurt, I am so proud of the strong-willed, feisty little girl you are. It's no wonder that Ariel, Merida, and Rapunzel are your favorite Disney princesses. All adventurous, brave, and full of dreams! 

You are so much fun, and your laugh is infectious. You love your bull "doggy", "kitty", and "bath time".  Even though your doggie, Minnie, is big and buff, she is actualy a softie and lets you wrestle her to the ground. You think its hilarious when all she does is lick you. You must know Missy, the kitty is a little more feisty as you are always more gentle when petting her. Bath time is one of your favorite parts of the day, as you love to play with your mermaid dolls, and splash in the water. I am so excited to put you in swim lessons this Spring, as I know you are already a little Cali babe. One thing you recently started doing is racing. You love to put your back against the wall, and when I say " Get mark, get set, GO!", your wild child is released, and you sprint as fast as you can. It's no surprise that your favorite toy is a "baaaa" (ball), which is most definitely from the athletic side of the family (mine). Haha your football loving Grandpa Bruner, knows this is true. 

Your favorite foods are strawberries, chips, and cookies. Not all the food groups, but Mommy is so proud you love fruit, as I still to this day cannot stomach any type of food in the fruit group. They always looked so pretty to me but the second I take a bite, I feel sick. I am proud of your willingness to try new things.

Your best friends are definitely Grammy & Grandpa Box who watch you during the day when Mommy and Daddy have to work. Being the extremely active little one you are, you sure keep your retired Grandparents working hard!! Every other weekend you get to go on adventures with your Grandma Pam, who will take you to visit their horses. You absolutely adore all animals, and fear NOTHING!!! 

Over the past two months you have started to wake up in the middle of the night, and cry insistently until I let you sleep in our bed. Because I am a sucker, and because I want to sleep, I always give in and let you sleep in our huuuuge Cal King bed. Between you , Daddy, and the Bulldog, I now have about four inches of sleeping room. However, with you being such an independent lady, I savor every moment of our night time cuddles. 

Today, we are celebrating your "half" birthday, with cinnamon rolls, cute clothes, a trip to Target, and baking cookies on this special rainy Southern California day, or else ( let's face it), we would probably be at Disneyland. 

I love you Stella with every inch of my heart! Cheers to many more "half birthdays"!!! 

Lots of kisses and hugs, 


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rep Your City

Whether you are East Coast or West Coast, from the city or the sticks, you are going to love this tee shirt trend. Some of the coolest kids clothing lines like Tiny Bandits and Kira Kids, have gotten in on the "rep your city" fun. From Miami to San Fran, LA to Brooklyn,  I have found the coolest tees, onesies, and Even trucker hats to show your city some love. Tupac and Biggie would be so proud (hahaha)!

Today Stella is wearing this "Made In" tee from Tiny Bandits. She was "made in LA", however you can customize the tee to whatever city your little was "made in". Las Vegas, Portland, Chicago, doesn't matter! Sized to fit 3 to 6 months to 6 years, and comes in two different color combos (white/ gold like Stella's) or Charcoal and Silver.

Fashion Creds: Tee (Tiny Bandits), Headband (Little Kate Designs),
 Leggings (Little Bear Bottoms), Shoes (Mini Melissa) 

Photos Source (Tiny Bandits)

Check out all the cool threads from Tiny Bandits here: Tiny Bandits

One of my favorite causal kids clothing lines is Kira Kids. They are designed with some of the coolest graphics, and for those who want to rep their city, they have a whole section called "Local Love".

Shop the Local Love Kira Section Here: Kira

Photo Source (Kira)

Have a great day, and while you are at it take a look around your city, and find love and appreciation for your home city.

We are Cali girls and proud of it! WESTSIDE :)

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Funny Bunnies

Spring has sprung here in So Cal, and I couldn't be happier about it. The weather is absolutely perfect, gorgeous tulips and blossom trees are everywhere, and pretty pastels fill the clothing racks at my favorite stores. I love everything about Spring, including all the pretty animals coming out to play.

The iconic animal, and mascot of the season is the Bunny Rabbit. I remember when I was married on a beautiful spring day in May, little wild bunnies were hopping around the grounds, and they just added this sweetness to the day. Their fluffy cotton tails, long whiskers, and velvety ears make them one of the most adorable little animals.

 The most famous spring bunny is definitely the Easter Bunny, who hops around each doorstep delivering baskets of joy to all the kiddos. I mean any animal who can hop around in a bow tie, and deliver toys and candy definitely deserves to be celebrated, right? So to show our love for these funny bunnies, I have a round-up of an adorable appliqué pinnie dress, a gorgeous handmade doll, a modern/ organic screen print tee of the main rabbit, and the sweetest cotton tailed wristlet to name a few. Links to all the shops below.

1) Mini Boden Pinnie
3)  Zara Kids Sweatshirt
4)Baby Gap Wristlet
5) Opposite of Far Mask & Tail Set
6) Mini Boheme Doll
7) Indie Nook Two Piece Set
8) Giddy Up and Grow Hair Clip

Have a HOPPY Day loves!

Yours Truly,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Will Work For Zara"

Seriously, proceed with caution. Zara Kids Spring line is here, and it is seriously so good it hurts. I would literally buy the entire collection if I could afford it. I might as well direct deposit my paycheck straight to Zara this month.  My heart melts for the play suits, and appliqué embellished cardigans. To be honest, the prices are more than reasonable, and completely affordable, my problem is editing my wish list. For baby girls, the stripe tees with floral pockets are only $7.90, and the dresses tap out at $35.90.  For the baby boys you can nab a gorgeous v neck sweater with elbow patches for just $19.90,  or this awesome "little man" screen tee for just $15.90. Zara is known for having "expensive" runway inspired pieces at accessible prices, so it makes sense that the kids collection falls right along this category.

Zara is right on trend this season with oversized printed sweatshirts that make the perfect little play outfits.  Dresses and rompers are richly adourned with tie waists and exposed buttons, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. The boys collection is full of fantasticly cool trousers, such as the faded harems, pastel twill, and combo suspendeder trousers. Don't even get me started on the jaw dropping shoe selection. Color blocked sandals, vintage style "basketball boots", and leather slip ons are just a few of the gorgeous styles for your littles to tot around in. Today I share some of my favorite pieces from the collection.

Photo Source: Zara

All items featured are for Babies (3 months to 3 years).  Zara kids also makes a collection for boys and girls fitting size 3 -14 years.

Shop the entire Zara Spring collection here: Zara

Just remember I warned you! Get your credit cards ready.

Yours Truly,

Friday, February 21, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Dreamcatcher Baby

I hope you are ready to swoon, because that's what you will be doing once you take a look at the gorgeous designs from Dreamcatcher Baby. Known for their iconic "Big Bow" Dress, Dreamcatcher Baby is owned, designed and created by Jessica Swenson. Jess started the company in 2012, and is completely self taught, which makes her even more impressive. It seems as though many successful entrepreneurs we feature in our small business spotlights, have these humble beginnings. Although she is known for her bow dresses, being a mom to two young boys she couldn't leave the little gents out! Her shop also carries some of the most beautiful, handcrafted bow ties I have ever seen.  Most of her items are made to order, so will take a few weeks to ship (check shop for shipping information), yet well worth the wait to receive!

We purchased a little Dreamcatcher Dress back in October for Stella's Halloween photos, and I have been obsessed ever since. Made with the best quality fabrics, her dress was perfection in her photos. Here's a little throwback to that beautiful Black Stripe "Big Bow dress".

Photos taken by Mockingbird Photography

Stella at 14 months 

Right now in the shop there are some gorgeous dresses to choose from like their "Original" Mustard Big Bow Dress. I'm always a huge fan of mustard, as it can be worn in any season. One fantastic trait anout Dreamcatcher Baby is that she gives style suggestions for her dresses for each season, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Just click on the dress you are interested in, and you will see listed numerous style tips!
 (Photos source: Dreamcatcher Baby)

How sweet is this little "chick" print dress?! It's the perfect dress for the upcoming Easter celebrations!

Dreamcatcher Baby sizing is for the littlest ladies, fitting 0 to 3 months to 3T. Sizes sell out quick for a lot of her prints, and season pieces, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, and Instagram for updates on New Arrivals. Recently she posted her Instagram page this sneak peak Mint & Gold print that will be added to the shop soon!! I mean so good, right?

If you are blessed to have both a boy and a girl you can match them in these coordinating chambray/ mint polka dot prints. Such a beautiful everyday print to incorporate into your little one's wardrobe.

For the boys, these bow ties are literally to die for. They are "double stacked, and fully lined to hold their shape." Pair these with their Sunday best, or with a cool screen tee, and denim suspenders.

Check out the entire Dreamcatcher Baby site here: Dreamcatcher Baby

Part of the reason I shop small business, is because of the impeccable quality and craftsmanship that comes from their pieces. Dreamcatcher Baby's pieces are a perfect example of this.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Yours Truly,

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disneybound : Character Tees

We have all seen them. The character tees that our children scream for at target until you put them in the cart. The tees your littles would pick to wear every day if they could. When Stella puts one on, she points at her belly with excitement at the face of her favorite person shining bright on her shirt. Children love the characters they see on tv, and wearing a clothing item sporting their face is pretty much the coolest thing ever to them!

Today we are headed to Disneyland with some of our best friends. We have had our Disney pass for a year next week, and what an amazing year it has been. If you live in the So Cal area, I highly recommend investing in a pass. We probably head there at least once every other week, and seeing Stella's face as we walk up to the gates is priceless. It's fantastic exercise for us Moms battling those extra baby weight lbs, although stops at the churro stand sometimes overrides those calories burned (however, so worth it!) 

Whenever we are Disney-bound Stella always sports a fun character tee. I try to get creative about accessorizing the tees, being the stylist that I am. Today I share six fun Disney-bound outfits featuring you guessed it, character tees! 

Tee- The Disney Store
Elephant Pants- Mini Rodini
Fedora- Gymboree
Leopard Print Sunnies- H & M kids
Toms Shoes- Nordstrom

Tee- Old Navy
Mermaid Leggings- Sugarplum Lane 
Seashell Sunnies- Gymboree
Purple Saltwater Sandals- Nordstrom
Seashell Glitter Clip- Giddy Up and Grow

Tee- The Disney Store
Bow- Jameson Monroe
Polka Dot Skirt- Dandy lion co. 
Hunter Rainboots- Nordstrom
Sunnies- The Disney Store

Tee- Old Navy
Hat- H & M Kids
Ribbed Shawl Cardigan- Gap Kids
Shorts- H & M Kids
Prince George Moccs- Freshly Picked 

Tee- Old Navy
Braided Gunmetal Headband- Little Kate Designs
Arrow Leggings- Sugarplum Lane Baby
Moccs- Minnetonka 

Tee- The Disney Store
Sunnies- Gymboree
Green Converse Sneakers- Nordstrom
Sci-fi Racer Pants- Geofox Apparel
Purple Slouchy Beanie- Aperture 

Last but not least here is Stella's #ootd Disney-bound outfit for today. I just love this Snow White tee, and birdie baby makes theeee CUTEST Disney Princess bows to match with the character tee of your choice. 

Tee- Disney Store
Cardi- Carters
Jeans- Gap
Bow- Birdie Baby Boutique 
Moccs- The Coral Pear

It's time to say good bye, as we are headed to see the Mouse. 

Yours Truly,

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM

It's 8 am here in Southern Cali, and I am so excited to jump start your morning the best way possible; with ICE CREAM!

Oh, the sound of an ice cream truck making its way down your street, brings back some of the best memories of my childhood. No matter how crazy life gets, with work, school, doctors appointments, holidays, and birthday parties, you can always count on an ice cream cone, or a quick trip to the yogurt shop to bring a sweet moment to you and your child's day.

Adorable versions of this classic dessert are popping up in all kinds of fun ways for kids to enjoy in their daily lives.  A glittery hot pink ice cream cone headband from Giddy Up and Grow, is the perfect cherry on top of any outfit. For the boys, and hipster girls, there is a sorbet licking gorilla named Pete on this tee from Quinn + Fox. Pete is definitely the coolest gorilla around,  sporting a fedora and sunnies, while enjoying his ice cream. For the mint & chip lover, how about a pair of mint  moccasins for those edible toesies?! Faas Design makes some of the best moccasins around, in all kinds of beautiful colors, and prints. Mint is a key color this spring, so your little is sure to get plenty of use out of these moccs. My absolute fave, must have for Stella, is this mint ice cream cone dress from Kira. It's casual, cool, and the perfect play dress! Style a "skater girl" look with a pair of high tops, and a top knot. You can even bring the ice cream fun into your home with this gorgeous watercolor painting from Jo Jo La Rue, (Joanna), the artist, is based out of Boston, MA. This would be so sweet hung in your child's nursery or playroom. She specializes in food art, so for the cupcake, doughnut, and macaroon lovers she has you covered.

Check out the whole Ice Cream Round up Below, as well as links to the shops.

1) Appliqué Tee Mini Boden
2) Ice Cream Key Fob Kate Spade
3) Glitter Cone bow Giddy Up and Grow
4) Soft Serve Cushion McKean Studio
5) Mint Ice Cream Dress Kira
6) Mint Moccassins Faas Design
7) Sorbet Pete Tee Quinn and Fox
8) Watercolor Painting Jo Jo La Rue

So sweeten up your day with an ice cream cone! It's sure to make you SCREAM with joy.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Deal of the Day: Junk Food Raglan Tees

After yesterday's pink explosion, I thought we needed to "boy" up this blog a little. Today is for the sports fanatic. March madness is right around the corner, as well as the NBA finals. Basketball season is in full effect, so what perfect time for this deal. Raglan NBA sports tees by Junk Food are on sale now at Nordstrom for 50% off.  Sizes are selling fast, and range from 2T to Boys XXL.  These junk food tees are super soft, so Moms will love them too.

Shop Junk Food Tees Deal of the Day here at Nordstrom: Junk Food

The teams available are:
Knicks, Magic, Heat, Lakers, Nuggets, Rockets, Suns, Mavericks, Nets, Jazz, Timberwolves, Sonics, Celtics, Thunder, Pistons, and Hawks

Please note, these are awesome for your girls too. Although I am a total "girly girl" , who loves pedicures, shopping, and decoarating, I played basketball for most of my youth, including college. So grab your ladies a  Junk Food team raglan to pair with a cute pair of skinnies, and chucks to cheer on their favorite slam dunking superstars.

Go Team, GO!

Yours Truly,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Little Digs: Stella's "Garden" Themed Room

When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to share all my passions. Fashion is of course my trade, and what I am professionally trained in, however I am extremely passionate about two other things: interior design and party planning. Today is our first interior design post, so I thought I would start with a room I actually designed, Stella's room. 

When I found out I was having a girl, I was beyond thrilled.I knew I wanted her room to be pink, and full of all things girly! When designing her room, I came up with a garden-themed nursery deriving from her name. Stella is named after my husband's Grandmother Stella, and Rose for my Grandmother Rose. My Grandma Rose was a beautiful woman, who was always dressed in skirts, heels, and pearls, and lived in a pink house. So, naturally we painted her room pink, with "rose" details such as her rose encrusted lamp.

 Stella's name is also derived from my favorite fashion designer Stella McCartney. (Again, I'm seriously obsessed with all things British).  When Stella McCartney is not sending down her amazing designs down the runway, her and her husband tend to their English Garden that surround their property. This inspired me to create a garden oasis in Stella's room, full of flowers, "greenery", birds, and butterflies. I even added sweet vintage inspired dolls that look like they are having a fabulous English Tea Party.

Many of Stellas pieces incorporated in her room are from Pottery Barn Kids. Some of these pieces are no longer available, so I have created a round up of items from their current shop, to help you get the "Garden" look. 

A child's room is where memories are made and imaginations grow. It should be a place that is magical, yet comforting. Let it reflect their personality, and fill it with love. 

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into Stella's room. I thought it only natural to share her room, as we add interior design ideas.  I'm so excited to add "Little Digs" as a category on the blog, that will be featured every other week. Stay tuned! 

Yours Truly,