Friday, April 18, 2014

Wild Child

Today was my 30th Birthday and I spent it the best way ever! No Dirty Thirty Party, no big trip, just a little visit to the zoo with my husband and baby. Trevor, my husband, works so much, and he surprised me by taking the day off. I have been wanting to take Stella to the zoo to see the animals, so this was a very anticipated trip. Although we live about 20 min away from the LA Zoo, I can't say I have ever been. When we loved in Portland, Oregon going to the zoo was one of our favorite dates, so Im not quite sure why we never hit up the LA Zoo. If you haven't been I definitely recommend it. It's shady, with lots of different animals, lots of space to walk, and roam free. 

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My favorite shot of the day was when she froze in complete shock at the big turtle walking. We have a turtle statue in our backyard that she loves to sit on, so seeing a real one really threw her for a loop. 

This was Stellas face all day. She loves being outside and being able to run free. She is also completely in love with her Daddy, so being with him always brightens her day. (Mine too) 

The Flamingos were definitely Stella's favorite. I think she would have stood in front of them all day and yell at them of she could. 

The LA Zoo has the coolest carousel, where kids can choose an animal to ride on. Stella is spoiled since her Daddy bought her two rides. She choose a giraffe, and then an ostrich. It looked like so much fun I hopped on a monkey right next to her. 

My people 

I always want to remember these moments. Her facial expression when she first saw the crowd of pink flamingos. The cute little come here gesture she made at the huge elephants. Those sweet little moments are what make the tantrums, the spills, and the lack of sleep so insanely worth it. Being a mom, and a wife have given my life so much meaning. A day like today was the best birthday gift I could have ever received. Having an entire day to spend  with my family, and make memories is like birthday cake to my soul. Working now full time, can make it difficult to make memories like this. 

Today I am grateful. 

Yours Truly,

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