Thursday, April 17, 2014

30 Signs, I know I'm 30

I am officially not a 20 something person. Today I turned 30, and to be honest I do feel different. For many years I used my twenty something age as an excuse to be a little irresponsible, and I dont regret it. I had alot of fun in my "hay day", and have experienced so much in those 30 years.You have all seen those Buzz feed lists on the Internet, so I thought it would be fun to make my own up.

I know this doesn't have much go do with kids fashion, but it does have to do with a lot of mamas out there who are in a very similar boat as me.  Here's to being 30, and feeling it!

Blouse: Ted Baker | Jeans: Current & Elliot | Flats Steve Madden | 

Here are 30 signs I know that I am 30....

1) I have decided that high heel shoes are completely impractical.
2) I call the police on my neighbors if they are being loud after 10 pm.
3) I love day posts on Instagram featuring cute kids, and beach days, and loathe the drunken ill taken photos that fill my feed in the evenings.
4) My summers are no longer booked with weddings and bridal showers.
5) Push Up Padded Bras are so impractical.
6) I look for deals, and clip coupons. The "charge" it approach seems to has lost it's sparkle.

7) When I watch any type of MTV award show, I don't know who half the people are, who are presenting and being awarded.
8) On a similar note I watch all the Best Picture Films nominated for an Oscar
9) I have a new appreciation for my pale white skin. No more tanning beds for this mama.
10) Kost 103.5 is now my daily commute radio station.
11) Bras are no longer an option, they are necessary. (Yes I used to go braless, a lot! )

12) Going to get my hair done or a mani/pedi is a luxury
13) I care more about being healthy than being skinny

14) Leaving the house means, find something to keep the baby entertained while I shower, Get
dressed, Get baby dressed, pack bag for baby, oh no she got her snack all over me. Get dressed again. Basically leaving the house is too much work. Stay home.

15)  I forget people's names I went to high school with.
16) Taking any kind of alcohol shot is absolutely not an option. I will not be crazy and fun, I will be crazy sick. For a few days.

17) When driving, I make sure to never go faster than the speed limit.
18) Jeans without stretch are impractical. Whoever decided to design jeans with spandex is a freaking genius.
19) I get excited about designing my Christmas cards.
20) I actually get scared when I go on a roller coaster now. Who am I kidding... It's  been awhile since I have been on a roller coaster.
21) Gifts are nice but don't need to come with a price tag. The best gifts in life we can give one another is your time, because when you are 30, you don't have much of it.
22) People call me ma'am.
23) I do a lot of shopping at target.
24) When I go to Vegas I prefer Lounges to Clubs. I actually like to be able to have a conversation with who I am hanging out with.
25) I am lost when it comes to some technology. Thank goodness for my niece!

26) I love Disney but I have started to question, why are all the parents dead? Why is Ariel only 16 and leaving her home for a man?
27) Sleep? What's that?
28) Any type of heavy or dangly jewelry is completely impractical.
29) My perfect Friday night consists of anything that allows me to chill in my pajamas and be in bed by 10.
30) My social calendar is booked with play dates, baby showers , and kids birthday partie, which I look forward to.

Here's to another 30 !

Yours truly,

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