Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Dancing Squirrels

If you are new to the blog, welcome!! Since we started we have been dedicating our Saturdays to small businesses. The shops I feature are mostly run by moms, who have become inspired to design things for children after becoming a mom. It's truly an amazing thing, how a child can bring out the most creative and wonderful side of their mom, that they never knew existed until they came along. 

Today's shop Dancing Squirrels, has a very similar story. The owner and designer is Jessica Beckner, an artist and mom of three based out of New Jersey. She specializes in creating the most adorable kids purses and messenger bags, however, there are many other fun things in her shop. Each of her bags are handmade by Jessica out of her home, and made with durable natural tone canvas making it sturdy for your kids to carry around their most treasured items like books and their favorite toys. 

Jessica came up with the name Dancing Squirrels for her shop, when the family befriended a squirrel who would visit their home for every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This beloved squirrel began doing a little dance for them one day during one of his visits, hence Dancing Squirrels was born. Since this squirrel made her family so happy, and her creations aim to bring happiness to children, it makes a perfect name for her shop. 

Dancing Squirrels also carries fun pencil cases, bucket hats, and wall clocks. Check our their entire shop of goodies here: 


You all have heard of the man purse, aka. The "Murse". Well Dancing squirrel has a number of boy friendly purses in their shop, so lets call these the "burses"! A breakdancing squirrel, a shade wearing snake, and a tune listening elephant are all playful burses, your boys can carry his favorite superhero figures in. 

These bags are perfect for your kiddo on the go. there is a button closure in each bag, so that your child can keep their goodies stowed away. 

Each purse comes with a Dancing Squirrels Eco-friendly greeting card. I absolutely love when companies add a sweet little gesture to show gratitude to their customers. In the recent months I have seen some of the cutest packaging add ons, from these small businesses, such as kids tattoos, organic lollipops, and stickers. These little gestures don't go unnoticed, and I think another reason to shop small business. 

Support Small!!! 

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