Thursday, April 10, 2014

Way back Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, WHATEVER! Feels like yesterday

Tonight I am feeling sentimental. I had a couple of posts lined up for party ideas, and little digs, but I can't seem to stay focused, because I happened to stumble upon some baby pictures of Stella, and I seriously feel sad. Don't get me wrong I am so proud of all that she has learned, and to be honest I am definitely more of a "toddler" mom than a "baby" mom, if you get what I mean. I just cannot believe how fast time is going. Please tell her to stop growing! I love this little baby so much, and feel like my life didn't start until I became her mom.

So tonight/ morning depending where you are reading, to feed my emotional outburst, lets take a little walk down memory lane, to Stella Rose (newborn years).

One from Stella's Newborn session, just 8 days old draped in my Grandma Rose's vintage pink pearls. This picture we used as her Newborn announcement.  

Such a fashionista from the start . Sleeping and fart smiling in Marc Jacobs

At just a few months old Stella had the pouty lip stare down. 
Bow : Birdie Baby Boutique| Dress: Mini Boden | 

I remember anxiously waiting for Stella's hair to come in. Now with the most adorable Shirley Temple golden curls coming in, I look back at this sweet little bald baby and tears come to my eyes. 

I know this saying is completely played out, but cherish every sweet moment. They grow so fast. 

Yours truly,

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