Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sweetest Gift : Sophie & Lili

For my birthday I received one of the sweetest, most incredible gifts from two of my very best friends. They emailed me a few months before my birthday to let me know that they were going to have artist Jennifer Vallez of Sophie and Lili create a custom water color portrait of Stella & I, so they needed me to send them some pictures for the painting. To say I was ecstatic is an understatement. Literally tears of joy came to my eyes, because I knew just how special one of these custom portraits were.

A custom watercolor portrait from Sophie & Lili takes 8 to 10 weeks, and there is currently a wait list to get a sketch as they are in high demand with Mothers Day coming up. It is truly amazing to see the intricate little details her custom paintings capture. They are unique in style, yet they capture the children and families style in the most adorable way. These water color paintings have been done for style celebrities like Rachel Zoe, and lifestyle blogger extraordinaire Oh Joy! Her shop also consists of custom note cards, and personalized dolls. Sophie & Lili most recently launched a line of Mothers Day cards for Target featuring her sketches. This girl is blowing up, and with these amazing custom paintings like the one I received, I can definitely see why.

 For more examples of Sophie & Lili paintings check out her shop: Sophie & Lili

When choosing the photos for the drawing I wanted to find pictures that embodied our style. I chose this picture of me, because I am known for my wild long hair, and showing a little leg in mini dresses or shorts. I also love that this Chanel necklace was included. I managed two Chanel boutiques in my career so I have picked up some beautiful CC pieces along the way. This costume jewelry piece is a necklace I have worn for years, and work into my wardrobe at least once a week. 

For Stella I chose this sweet Peek Kids dress, because this has been one of my favorite brands to dress her in, and the colors are so beautiful and unique. She of course is wearing a Birdie Baby Boutique bow, that is iconic to her style as a baby and now toddler. If you have seen my Instagram you may have seen her Birdie Baby collection. (It's insanely amazing). 

Side by side of me

Side by side of Stella 

I am seriously so grateful to my friends for giving me this special gift. The second I saw this sketch of Stella I cried the happiest tears. Every stage has been so special, but I have to admit, as exhausting as a toddler is, they are so freaking adorable at this age. From her little side sweep bangs, to her always present Birdie Baby Bow, Sophie and Lili captured "Toddler Stella" to a tee. This has been an incredible part in my life, and this drawing has captured  a time I will always hold dear to my heart. 

Thank you again to my dear friends Crystal & Danielle for being so incredibly thoughtful. 
Thank you to the amazingly talented Sophie & Lili. 
Thank you Stella for making me a Mom, and bringing joy to my life. 

Yours Truly,

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