Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Salt City Carnival Must Haves

It's officially my birthday week!! I literally have two more days left of my twenties (sigh, tear, cheers! ) So to celebrate this new era, I have decided to disclose a little bit more about me this week.

For today, I am going to pull back just one little layer, and let you all know that I am a horror movie buff. I know, so deep, but honestly I love scary movies! So much so, that when I was on bed rest during my pregnancy, and every once in awhile during afternoon nap times, I will watch horror movies on Netflix and direct tv in broad daylight, since my husband refuses to watch any type of horror film (such a scaredy cat.)

Three years ago television spoke to me, and brought me the absolute best series ever "American Horror Story",  which I watch incessantly. If you haven't heard the new season premiering this fall is going to be dedicated to "Freak Shows", aka. Carnivals. I am so incredibly excited, it's going to be phenomenal!

 One day while researching new children's lines, I stumbled upon Salt City Emporium and their circus loving Spring line, which instantly caught my "Carnie-loving" attention. This spring season their entire children's line is inspired by vintage circus freaks in their "Salt City Carnival" collection. Embellished with iconic circus characters such as, bearded ladies, a leotard wearing Strong Man, and ring masters. The collection is playful, unique, and a little bit creepy (which I mean in the absolute best way possible). This summer Stella will absolutely be joining the carnival....  the Salt City Carnival that is!

See my favorites below!


Yours Truly,

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