Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Green Stitches

Hello Dolls! Thanks for joining us for our Shop Spotlight, where once a week I feature my favorite small businesses. Today you are in for a treat with Green Stitches, a handmade business based out of Salt Lake City, specializing in custom stitched dolls. Amelia Prime is the owner, designer, and creator of these adorable little sidekicks, that can be custom made to look like your child. 

All Green Stitches Dolls are completely handmade with 100% cotton, wool, and bamboo felt. They are machine washable and super soft to cuddle with. Every doll in the shop can have eye color changed. From pirate boys, to mermaids, to the newest addition, Superheroes (which will be added to the shop soon), Green Stitches has the perfect doll to match your child's personality. For those of you that have wild imaginations, and want to design your own custom doll, you have the option to purchase a custom pirate boy, mermaid, or girl doll. When purchasing just put in the notes how you would like their outfit to be customized, and their eye color, skin color, and hair color preferences. If you check out Green Stitches Instagram page you will see some amazing examples of their custom dolls, including an adorable Minnie Mouse loving Miniature. 

The details on these dolls are like no other. I'm completely in love with the handkerchief wearing Pirate Boys and Girls, and the barrette wearing girl dolls. Now how to decide which one to buy for me... I mean Stella (ha!) 

Check out all the amazing dolls here : Green Stitches

 Make sure to follow their shop on Instagram for event news, and product announcements! 
(All photo sources: Green Stitches Big Cartel) 

Pirate Girls Left to Right: Stella | Rosie

Mermaid Dolls Left to Right: Coral | Lina | Leah | Jill

Girl Dolls Left to Right: Addie | Lola | Jenny | Ellen

Boy Dolls Left to Right: Eli |  Jake

For just $1 per letter you can add another personalized touch by having 
the child's  name stitched on their doll. 

One of the reasons I love to shop small business, especially for something like a gift is that it shows thoughtfulness. Anybody can go to toys r us and pick out a doll to give a child (which is still very generous). When you purchase a custom doll, that has the child's name embroidered on it from a shop  such as Green Stitches, not only is it generous, but it is extremely thoughtful. A doll like this will be treasured for years to come. 

Support and shop small!! 

Yours Truly,

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