Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birdie Thirty: Summertime

Easter has come and gone, So Cal weather is hitting the 90s, so this can only mean one thing...  Summertime is here!! A few months ago I posted a Birdie Thirty, rounding up my favorite Spring bows from my absolute favorite bow shop, Birdie Baby Boutique. If you have ever checked out their shop, than you know she has literally over a THOUSAND bow options, which can make it difficult to narrow down since every bow is as amazing as the next. 

In case you didn't check out the last Birdie Thirty, I thought I would do a quick bio on Katy Bjork, the owner and designer of Birdie Baby Boutique. She is based out of Florida with her husband, and her two children. She started the company after her gorgeous daughter Delainey was born, and was inspired to design some pieces for her. After receiving numerous compliments, she started her own company, and the rest is history. Birdie Baby Boutique is everywhere, and does amazing collaborations with some of the most popular childrens wear lines around such as,  Well Dressed Wolf, Matilda Jane, Swanky Shank, and Dandy Lion Company to name a few. Every bow is handmade by Katy and her assistant, which you can find in their Etsy shop: Birdie Baby Boutique

When narrowing down my favorite bows, I broke them down into summertime categories like Lemonade, Seashells, Fourth of July, Hot Pinks, Sunshine, Muted Brights, Bold Yellows, and Corals. These categories are classic summertime trends that will fit into your child's lifestyle. A beautiful pink and yellow combo bow for selling lemonades, seashells embellishments for a day by the beach, neon pinks for "every day"summertime living, and muted brights for trips to the ice cream parlor. Birdie Baby has you set for all your summertime memories to be had. 

Summertime Birdie Thirty 

Lemonade Stand 

5. Beaches

Now all we have to do is bring back SUMMER!!! 

Yours Truly,

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