Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Toes in the Sand

This past weekend, we enjoyed a beautiful day on Balboa Island, which is located in Newport Beach, CA. Last Summer, Stella was still just a baby and had the fairest skin, so we did not venture out to the beach that often. After this weekend's trip, I know that this summer is going to be a completely different story. As soon as Stella's feet hit the sand, she had a huge smile from ear to ear that never left her face. From chasing the seagulls, to digging her hands in the sand, to literally running into the cold ocean water, Stella was in a euphoric state.

I hope this beautiful early summer is here to stay, because I can't wait for another day to dig my toes in the sand with Stella.

Fashion Creds:
Budget Friendly!!! 
Top (Old Navy), Pants (Old Navy) Sandals (Roxy) Bow (Target) 

"Sandy toes and a sun kissed nose" makes a happy Stella!

Yours Truly,


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