Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Disney Darlings

We live 20 minutes away from Disneyland, so of course we have annual passes and go to the magic kingdom every chance we get. I'm a total Disney nerd and proud of it! Before me and my husband were married most of our date nights consisted of space mountain, astro blasters, and disney bignets. Now that our daughter Stella is in the mix, nothing makes me happier than to see her dancing on small world, hugging Minnie Mouse, and running with excitement through Main Street. Today is a Disneyland day so I thought it only fitting to dedicate today's post to the happiest place on earth.

When we go to Disneyland I'm a big fan of character tees! Little kids get so excited when they are wearing the face of their favorite character. I'll go into styling character tees in another post, because there is another way your Disney darlings could rock their favorite characters. Today is about my two favorite words.... DISNEY. BOWS.

I am a huge fan of shopping on etsy for accessories. The three shops below can be found on etsy, and have great bows for all different occasions.

Giddy up and Grow has been on my wish list for sometime. Due to my daughter being bald until about two months ago I have been patiently waiting to go crazy at this shop. They make the most adorable clips!!! They have a pretty impressive celebrity clientele, and have been awarded for being one of the best 50 shops on the etsy site. The two I have posted are the sparkle Mickey Mouse & the Wish upon a star Cinderella castle (and fireworks. I mean, seriously? Cutest thing ever) Other Disney themed bows include Up, Jiminy Cricket, & Pinocchio.

Birdie baby boutique is (do I care say it) my favorite place to shop, hands down. The shop owner designs and creates all the bows with her and her assitant out of her home. She is hugely successful and has hundreds of different bow designs. Not only does she have an amazing selection but she also will work with you on made to match custom orders. The two bows I have just listed are brand new to her shop inspired by the movie Frozen (Elsa & Anna).  Other disney bows in the shop are Minnie Mouse, Alice in wonderland, Belle, and Rapunzel to name a few.

The third shop is called Frosted Donut Designs, which I came across one day while searching for Monsters inc bows ( yes, my one year old daughter is obsessed with monsters). I'm a big fan of the classic bow silhouette and this shop has nailed it. The Peter Pan with the red feather is just beyond cool, and this Monsters inc bow will girl up a Sulley character tee in the most adorable way possible. Other disney designs include Pocahontas, Jasmine, Minnie Mouse, and even the Monorail!

Hope all you Disney Darlings have a Magical Day!!

Yours Truly,

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