Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stella by the Seashore

One of our favorite places to go as a family is Shoreline Village in Long Beach, CA. There are restaurants, shopping, local music, and even an arcade overlooking the harbor. Now that Stella is running and jumping, we thought it would be fun to go play in the arcade.

I highly recommend this for a day of family fun! Stella's Daddy,( my hubby Trevor), was having so much fun racking up tickets in ski ball, the basketball hoops, and the video games. We're all still  kids at heart, afterall! Stella got a kick at pushing the buttons on the arcade games, riding the mini carousel, and walking up the ski ball ramp with the wooden balls.

With our 300 tickets we were the winners of slappy hands!! ($10 worth of coins, for a toy you could probably buy at the dollar store , was totally worth it!)  For lunch we sat outside on the patio at The Yardhouse, with a gorgeous view of the Long Beach harbor. There is also a delicious restaurant called Tequila Jacks which I highly recommend.

After lunch, we walked on the pier and took pictures in their fun face in the holes, which Stella thought was so funny! I showed her the picture she took, and she was very amused. we finished our fun filled day with a sweets run at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I think Stella's sweatshirt says it all.  YAY for family days, and YAY for Shoreline Village.

Fashion Creds: YAY Sweatshirt (peek kids)/ Jeggings (Baby Gap) Moccs (Baby Gap) 

Hope your day is full of YAYs. 

Yours Truly,

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