Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Thief & Bandit Kids

Today's shop spotlight is for the "cool" kids. The girls that rock tennis with their dresses. The skaetboarders. The babies with swag. Like if Adam Levine and fiancée Behati Prinsloo had a baby. For these kiddos there is Thief and Bandit.

Amie Cunnigham is the Owner, and Designer of Thief and Bandit. This Mom to two little boys, Wolfgang and Dutch (I told you she was cool), prides her clothing on being completely handmade. According to her company bio, " all their organic jersey fabric is printed in their home shop using giant silkscreens, and sewn by seamstresses in their downtown studio, which is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada." Amie is a true artist, which you can see in the amazing detail on her screens. Her prints have a Southwetsern / Aztec feel to them, yet look very modern and vibrant. For instance their tiger paw print looks like it could have been a pictogram found on the side of an ancient cliff.

Thief and Bandits shop has the coolest printed leggings, twirling dresses, circle scarves, bandana bibs, and braided headbands. They recently stocked their shop with "limited edition fringed leggings" in their iconic mountain print, for the biggest fashion risk takers. This Spring their gorgeous "twirling dress" was launched in a gorgeous peach southwestern print, that has just enough pretty and edge.

To check out all their beautiful handcrafted products, you can shop their collection on Etsy. Below is a link to take you right to their shop.

Thief and Bandit Kids

(Photo source Thief and Bandit)

Bandana Bibs in their "Stalactite", "Animal", "Mountain" and "Tiger Paw" prints 

Circle Scarf  to layer on top of the twirling dresses, or with their favorite screen tee. 

Babies, Toddlers, and Big Kids can all enjoy these cool gender neutral leggings. They are comfortable, durable, and sure to make your kiddo look killer. 

The Southwestern Peach Twirling Dress is the "Prettiest" new version of the dress.

Pair this twirling dress with a pair of classic converse chucks, and a metallic braided band for boho "cool girl" style. 

For you moms, that might be saying right now "I wish that came in my size!!!!" It does!!! Check out all their beautiful jewelry, apparel, and pillows below.

Thief and Bandit

Be sure to check out Thief and Bandit on Instagram and Facebook.

Have a great weekend cool kids!

Yours Truly,

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