Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disneybound : Character Tees

We have all seen them. The character tees that our children scream for at target until you put them in the cart. The tees your littles would pick to wear every day if they could. When Stella puts one on, she points at her belly with excitement at the face of her favorite person shining bright on her shirt. Children love the characters they see on tv, and wearing a clothing item sporting their face is pretty much the coolest thing ever to them!

Today we are headed to Disneyland with some of our best friends. We have had our Disney pass for a year next week, and what an amazing year it has been. If you live in the So Cal area, I highly recommend investing in a pass. We probably head there at least once every other week, and seeing Stella's face as we walk up to the gates is priceless. It's fantastic exercise for us Moms battling those extra baby weight lbs, although stops at the churro stand sometimes overrides those calories burned (however, so worth it!) 

Whenever we are Disney-bound Stella always sports a fun character tee. I try to get creative about accessorizing the tees, being the stylist that I am. Today I share six fun Disney-bound outfits featuring you guessed it, character tees! 

Tee- The Disney Store
Elephant Pants- Mini Rodini
Fedora- Gymboree
Leopard Print Sunnies- H & M kids
Toms Shoes- Nordstrom

Tee- Old Navy
Mermaid Leggings- Sugarplum Lane 
Seashell Sunnies- Gymboree
Purple Saltwater Sandals- Nordstrom
Seashell Glitter Clip- Giddy Up and Grow

Tee- The Disney Store
Bow- Jameson Monroe
Polka Dot Skirt- Dandy lion co. 
Hunter Rainboots- Nordstrom
Sunnies- The Disney Store

Tee- Old Navy
Hat- H & M Kids
Ribbed Shawl Cardigan- Gap Kids
Shorts- H & M Kids
Prince George Moccs- Freshly Picked 

Tee- Old Navy
Braided Gunmetal Headband- Little Kate Designs
Arrow Leggings- Sugarplum Lane Baby
Moccs- Minnetonka 

Tee- The Disney Store
Sunnies- Gymboree
Green Converse Sneakers- Nordstrom
Sci-fi Racer Pants- Geofox Apparel
Purple Slouchy Beanie- Aperture 

Last but not least here is Stella's #ootd Disney-bound outfit for today. I just love this Snow White tee, and birdie baby makes theeee CUTEST Disney Princess bows to match with the character tee of your choice. 

Tee- Disney Store
Cardi- Carters
Jeans- Gap
Bow- Birdie Baby Boutique 
Moccs- The Coral Pear

It's time to say good bye, as we are headed to see the Mouse. 

Yours Truly,

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