Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Peek Kids Does the 70s

I am a product of the 80s, however, I always seemed to wish I was part of the Peace, Love, and Happiness decade. Movies like "Forest Gump", " Dazed and Confused", and "Now & Then"  all were movies made in my time, yet glorified this beautiful time in our history, the 70s. When The Beatles proclaimed that "All You Need is Love", and fashion icons were barefoot with wild hair. It was an era full of rock and roll, and hippie love. Although its been 40 years, our society is still slightly in love with this decade.

Trends from the 70s are always popping up in ready to wear collections, and this season your kids can join in on the fun. This season Peek Kids Spring line is full of "Hippie Chic" duds. Screen Tees with symbols of the 70s, boho dresses, and bleached denim will have your kids looking like little flower power children from this beloved time. Pair these styles with relaxed denim, gladiator sandals, and braided leather headbands to complete the look.

Check out more of their hippie chic duds here  Peek Kids

Classic tees & sweaters paying homage to the slangs and symbols of the 70s. Smiley Faces, Peace Signs, and Tie Dye will have your little guys and gals feeling groovy. 

Bohemian Dresses in vibrant prints and paisley will look beautiful on your little love child. How sweet would your babe look in one of these accessorized with a flower crown for a spring photo sesh??

Cutoff jeans, Sherpa corduroy jackets, Paisley button ups, Flower Power,  and Baja style hoodies were all the rage then, and are all the rage now in Peek Kids SS14 collection. 

By the way, free hugs are in order when when wearing these pieces. 

*All photos sourced from Peek Kids  

Peace and love Peeps! 

Yours Truly,

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