Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Funny Bunnies

Spring has sprung here in So Cal, and I couldn't be happier about it. The weather is absolutely perfect, gorgeous tulips and blossom trees are everywhere, and pretty pastels fill the clothing racks at my favorite stores. I love everything about Spring, including all the pretty animals coming out to play.

The iconic animal, and mascot of the season is the Bunny Rabbit. I remember when I was married on a beautiful spring day in May, little wild bunnies were hopping around the grounds, and they just added this sweetness to the day. Their fluffy cotton tails, long whiskers, and velvety ears make them one of the most adorable little animals.

 The most famous spring bunny is definitely the Easter Bunny, who hops around each doorstep delivering baskets of joy to all the kiddos. I mean any animal who can hop around in a bow tie, and deliver toys and candy definitely deserves to be celebrated, right? So to show our love for these funny bunnies, I have a round-up of an adorable appliqué pinnie dress, a gorgeous handmade doll, a modern/ organic screen print tee of the main rabbit, and the sweetest cotton tailed wristlet to name a few. Links to all the shops below.

1) Mini Boden Pinnie
3)  Zara Kids Sweatshirt
4)Baby Gap Wristlet
5) Opposite of Far Mask & Tail Set
6) Mini Boheme Doll
7) Indie Nook Two Piece Set
8) Giddy Up and Grow Hair Clip

Have a HOPPY Day loves!

Yours Truly,

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