Monday, May 12, 2014

Lets go on a picnic...

The sun is shining, the grass is green, the flowers have blossomed. I would say its the perfect day to go on a picnic. One thing being a mom has taught me, is finding joy and happiness in the simplest pleasures. I would much rather be sitting on a blanket with fresh Italian deli subs with my family, than any five star steakhouse. When I think of an all American picnic, I think of baskets, gingham, and fresh cut fruit. Today's round up has everything you need for a picnic outing.  Even the ants are getting in on the fun!

| 1. Ant Tee (Fine Little Day) | 2. Gingham Sneakers  (Gap Kids) |
|  3. Lemon Shorts (House of Mia)   | 
| 4. Apple Blanket (Spearmint Love)  | 5. Ant Paper Cups (Crate and Barrel)   
| 6. Denim Dress (Zara) | 7. Picnic Basket (World Market)
| 8.  Gingham Peter Pan Blouse (Wren and James) | 9. Picnic Print Turban (Giddy Up and Grow)

Yours Truly,

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