Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo: Señorita Stella

Happy Cinco de Mayo Friends!!! Although we are not Mexican, we do live in Southern California, so Mexican culture is definitely something we embrace and celebrate. Today Stella is getting in on the fun by wearing an authentic dress made in Mexico, that my sister got for her when she was vacationing in Cabo. She also got her these gorgeous hand painted maracas, that are one of Stella's favorite toys.  She has been rocking out all morning! If I wasn't working tonight I would probably be joining in on the fun with a delicious margarita! Us moms need to let loose too right (so have one for me... deal?)

Señorita Stella's Outfit of the Day 
Dress & Maraca- Handmade in Mexico| Sandals (Gap Kids) | 
Bow (Birdie Baby Boutique) 

Viva la Mexico! 

(Natural) Bow designed by Birdie Baby Boutique is an older style. Handmade with Burlap, linen, and a doily, this makes for a beautiful statement. 

Little Compadres (Minnie & Stella) 

Get it Stella! 

Have a fabulous margarita sipping, taco eating, mariachi listening, Cinco De Mayo!! 

Yours Truly,

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