Saturday, June 14, 2014

Shop Spotlight: Paper Treats

I love a good party. You know a party where everyone has fun! Where you leave the party feeling all warm and good inside (or dizzy) if you have enjoyed some delicious cocktails too (HA!). Of course, I am known to get into all the fancy cakes, favors, and party decor, but what really makes a good party is the feel-good memories we make during these celebrations. RIGHT?

For today's shop spotlight I am featuring the most gorgeous paper accessories that are the perfect addition to any party. Whether your celebrating your little girl's birthday with a small family dinner and a homemade cake, or hosting an elaborate 50 person baby shower with an over the top three tiered cake, these "Paper Treats" are sure to help create that feel-good feeling to your celebration.

Caroline Stender is the owner and designer of Paper Treats. She had been selling scrapbooking pages on Ebay prior to starting her shop opening in February 2008. She had a huge break when Martha Stewart took a liking to her products, after giving her a package at a book signing event. Martha Stewart had Caroline on her show in December 2008, to showcase her "gift tags". Since then Paper Treats has expanded on their product offering, including these gorgeous cake toppers. The minute I found these on Etsy I fell in love. I love the idea of a sweet statement adorned with detailed handmade paper flowers.

Wouldn't this be a sweet topper for the Rapunzel lover in your life?

 These stunning toppers can literally bring to life the simplest white buttercream cake. This "Baby", and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" are ideal for a Baby Shower or a "Welcome home" from the hospital gathering. The skewers are absolutely breathtaking on top of cake, however Catherine from Paper Treats, suggests some other fun ways to use the skewers include,  in a flower arrangement, in a watermelon, in a planter, or even in a mason jar as a centerpiece.

You can customize your topper/ flower color to a myriad of color ways to pair with the color scheme of your party. 

Thank you so much to Caroline for allowing me to feature her shop on the blog today. Your shop is seriously stunning, and truly one of a kind. I cant wait to add these sweet little paper treats to our next little celebration. 

All Photos sourced from: "Paper Treats"  

Party on!

Yours Truly,

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