Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fair Lady

July is by far my busiest time at work, so I have not been home to spend as much quality time with my family. It's been a little routine lately; wake up, go to work, come home , eat dinner, take bath, go to bed. Of course every kid needs routine, but I love to spice it up with some Disneyland trips, or trips to the park. I have honestly had ZERO free time! Things are starting to settle back to normal, so we decided to head out to the OC Fair for some family fun! We had an absolute blast. From carnival rides and games, a petting zoo, and fried food, our night at the fair was just what we needed after a hardworking month. 

Stella wore the French girl carnival tutu, that I have been hoarding for our annual fair trip. I accessorized it with the "Candy Apples and Carnival" bow from our faves Birdie Baby Boutique, and some classic Converse high tops. Stella was twirling, and stopped to dance at every booth that played music. I absolutely must video her for you all. She can shake her booty better than me that's for sure! 

Fashion Credits:
Bow Birdie Baby Boutique | Tutu Dress:  Salt City Emporium| Shoes: Converse 

I even made it in a pic! A little selfie action on our way! 

Stella is 32" tall, which made her just tall enough to hit up a few of the rides in "Kid land". The cars were most definitely her favorite. She kept waving to us each time she whipped around. 

Of course it wouldn't be the fair without food. I had a basket of pickle chips, the "Latin lover" cheesy bread covered in jalapeƱos, and for dessert we shared this donut the size of my head. Stella was in sugar heaven. 

What a perfect night for me and my family. I might have a tummy ache from the greasy food, and our wallets may be a little slimmer from the overpriced carnival games, but spending quality time with these two people is what I live for. I may give myself a little guilt trip for working so much and not being at home with Stella 24/7, but working has enabled me and my family to live a comfortable life, and work towards a huge goal that will better our lives forever. It may not be New Years Eve, but I am going to share a little resolution with you all. Trevor (my husband) and I are working hard to save money and buy a home. It's not going to happen tomorrow, probably not even 6 months from now, but by this time next year, we are hoping we will be able to start the hunt. I will keep you all updated on how this little adventure goes. 

Yours truly,

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